Product Description

Tarpaulin tank for Freshwater/Seawater Cultivation
Farming with tarpaulin fish tanks has become increasingly popular nowadays. Because the fish farming business is so tempting in the eyes of the public. With the development of the era and the narrower land used for fish farming, various new innovations have been found as a substitute for land for cultivation.
One way is to use a tarpaulin fish tank. Cultivation using this tank itself is more widely used because of the many advantages it gets. For example, with narrow land or limited land, it can be replaced with this one media that can be installed on the ground.


★Easy to assemble!
★Movable and transferable to anywhere you want!
★No more breaking your back moving bulky and heavy through tanks!
★Nontoxic, food grade, UV resistant, antioxidative, thermostable, cold resistant.
★Stretch-Proof, resistant to stripping, antibacterial, acid & alkali resistant.
★Durable and Non-Distortable.
★3-ply nontoxic rubber synthetic fiber PVC with screen mesh for added protection.
★In case of accidental, ex. knife puncture etc. repair kit is available.
★It can be folded when empty, the weight is light and easy to transport, on-site installation is simple, long life, and has low maintenance costs.

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