Product Description

Due to the effect of centrifugal force, when the impeller rotates, the wind vane makes the air forward move and become a series of spiral movements. Spiral Air between the impeller blades will speed up rotates and sucks outside air into the side channel (via suction mouth). After the air is sucked into the side channel, it will be compressed and then return to between the impeller blades and speed up rotation again. When the air along a spiral orbit goes through the impeller and side channel, each impeller blade increased compression and speed, along with the rotation of air’s kinetic energy increased making the pressure of air that goes through the side channel increase. When the air arrives at the junction of side channel and discharge flange (the side channel will turn narrow at the exit) it will be pushed to mufflers and discharged out of the air blower.


  1. The air blower should be installed in a stable place, and the environment should be clean, dry, and ventilated
  2. The rotation direction of impeller blades has to same as the arrow direction marked on the air blower shell
  3. Working pressure cannot exceed 230Mbar, in case the air blower generates too much heat and motor overload then damage the air blower
  4. Please check and clear the filter and muffler, in case both of them are blocked.
  5. Solids, liquid, and corrosion gas are forbidden enter the air blower

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