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Tilapia Fish Farming

Tilapia were originally farmed in their native Africa and Levant. Fast-growing, tolerant of stocking density, and adaptable, tilapia have been introduced to and are farmed extensively in many parts of Asia and are increasingly common aquaculture targets elsewhere.

Vannamei Shrimp

Support the resistant shrimp through their complete life cycle using an indoor culture facility with high level of biosecurity, a closed circulation water system and  artificially intelligent control of  water quality, light,  and feeding.

Biofloc technology (BFT)

Biofloc technology (BFT) is gaining popularity as an aquaculture strategy. The technology is applied to a variety of system types and is currently most commonly used for the culture of shrimp and tilapia, although other taxa such as catfish are being explored. The defining features of BFT systems include high animal stocking densities and restricted water exchange.

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Biofloc Technology

As a result of high fish stocking densities a large amount of nutrients enters the water from feeds and because little water is exchanged those nutrients accumulate in the systems, BTF needed.

Farm Equipments

All series tank available, both HDPE and PVC material.  all the equipments can be shipped in one container to your country.

Biofloc technology

Operation Guide

Our engineers have more than 15 years experiences on aquaculture industries, especially on tilapia and shrimp.

Start your aquaculture farm plan now

We provide all equipments for biofloc, circular fish tank, root blowers, pvc pipes, aeration hose for diffuser, generator, pumps, as well as for fish farm drawing design, daily operation guide for aquaculture farm.

Our technican support oversea installation services.

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