SIGMA Aquaculture

SIGMA Aquaculture is a major brand of SIGMA INDUSTRIES CO.,LTD. Founded in 2015, is committed to aquaculture equipment processing and manufacturing.
Existing production plant around 5000 square meters area, For welding of PVC fish ponds, and HDPE film production. Our company is located in shandong province in northern China, near the airport has Jinan International Airport, Jinan West high speed railway station.

Products are exported to all continents, such as Asia’s largest aquaculture company, the Japfa Group, which buys Biofloc fish ponds from us all year round,
supply Biofloc to Tropo which is largest fish farming company in Africa.
and Panama’s large aquaculture farm in Latin America
The world’s most stringent quality requirements, Japan, Nissui Fisheries also source from us fish ponds for aquaculture project.

We provide all equipments for biofloc, circular fish tank, root blowers, pvc pipes, aeration hose for diffuser, generator, pumps, as well as for fish farm drawing design, daily operation guide for aquaculture farm.

Our technican support oversea installation services.