Product Description

Fish Cage is made from HDPE tubular product and cage fitting, using foreign imported special-cage purpose polyethylene raw material. This kind of tubular product has good strength and tenacity. Using a unique structure design by our company, the frame will have the ability to resist stormy waves, meanwhile, all frame materials go through the ultraviolet rays aging resist and seawater corrosive resist process, and the service life is over 15 years.
According to customer demand, the circumference is from 30m to 160m, and the net depth is from 5m to 30m. Effective farming up to 30,000 m3.


  1. Framework: Polyethelene Tube with reliable strength, elasticity, and ductility.
  2. Fixed System: Timber Pile, Anchor Pile, Cement Concrete Pile, according to the geology condition of the cage location.
  3. Netting: use PE/ Polyester/ Nylon knotless nets, which have strong adhesion resistance and aging resistance.

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