Product Description

Oxygen cone also called aeration cone, is aeration equipment specially designed for industrial aquaculture. Oxygen cones are used for mixing oxygen in the water. The shape makes the saturation efficiency very high, up to 95%. Water and oxygen enter at the top of the cone at relatively high speed. The stream of water pushes the oxygen bubbles down until they completely dissolve.


Because the water body of high-density aquaculture contains a lot of food and not enough time to remove manure and other organic fish, these organisms also consume large amounts of oxygen decomposition. The traditional way of oxygen such as air aeration has been unable to reach this level. The use of oxygen by increasing the amount of dissolved oxygen in water has become a powerful way to the urgent needs of the market. So, the Oxygen cone is specifically for industrial aquaculture aerobics designed as a device that provides high dissolved oxygen in the water for ultra-high density aquaculture.


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