Product Description

  1. Seawater, freshwater aquaculture breeding (fish, eels, shrimp, shellfish, etc.) water disinfection.
  2. Water disinfection in the food processing industry. Including juice, milk, drinks, beer, edible oil, and different kinds of canned food, beverage products, and other water equipment.
  3. Hospitals, various kinds of laboratory water disinfection, and high levels of pathogen wastewater disinfection.
  4. Daily life water disinfection including residential areas, office buildings, water plants, hotels and etc.
  5. Disinfection of biochemical pharmaceutical, cooling water used for cosmetics production.
  6. Water disinfection of swimming pool, Water entertainment facilities


  1. To kill various bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms quickly and effectively
  2. Through photosynthetic degrade chloride in water effectively
  3. Easy operation and maintenance;
  4. The less occupied area can deal with a large amount of water
  5. No pollution, environmental protection, no produce toxic side effects;
  6. Low investment costs, low operating costs, easy install
  7. Designed in a unique wall treatment process by optics principle, to make the cavity maximize the advantage of using UV to improve sterilization effect doubled.


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