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Paddle Wheel Aerator

Intensive high-yielding aquaculture technology has been widely used, fishery farming increased significantly. In the process of aquaculture production increase, aerator has become an essential equipment to achieve high-yield fisheries intensive, plays an important role in the development of fishery economy.

Suitable for aquatic species.


Main Features

Envirment friendly

Mechanical seal is used to ensure no oil leakage pollution

High Efficiency

High efficiency oxygen transferring ability with 2.6kgs O2/h

Easy assortment, operation and maintenance


Take a look in workshop

Package for shipment

Sea freight suitable

Carton packaging

Loading into container

Application Video

Our videos recorded by customer, If you need installation and operation videos, contact us directly, our engineers will answer your questions,


Most frequent questions and answers

Paddle Wheel using 36 Slot motor with 2.35Kgs copper wire.We use best quality copper in motor.

All Screw are using #304 Stainless Steel screw, High grade cast iron body with beautiful paint.

Minimum Order Quantity 5 sets

Wooden/Carton box, sea freight suitable.

110v, 220v, 380v available.

About the company

SIGMA Aquaculture (SIGMA INDUSTRIES CO.,LTD)located in North of China Shandong Province, We have 15 years experience in Aquaculture equipments manufacturing. Our factory focus on Biofloc fish tank producing. Both PVC and  HDPE material available. We also provide relevant equipments from partners for customers. such as aeration equipments and accessories.

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