Product Description

Protein skimmer has a unique structure and uses the PEI potential energy intake invention patent technology and N-type water vapor mixture of multiple cutting technology, to produce a large number of tiny bubbles, with the effect of surface tension, attract particulate dirt and soluble organic compounds mixed in water, through the flotation principle, removed the aquaculture wastewater suspended colloid, cellulose, protein, feed and manure, and other organic matter. And the configuration of the airflow control valve and liquid level control valve can make the protein separator gain the best effect in different working conditions.


  1. Energy saving, low power jet pump
  2. The protein skimmer in double function with coarse filter and protein separation
  3. Practical and water saving, discharge the foam directly by an inclined tube, no-clean to save water
  4. Can remove proteins and other organic matters before being changed into ammoniation and other toxic substances, to avoid the accumulation of toxic substances in the water, remove the humus stuff, to make water clean, and remove organic acid to make PH stable.
  5. Repeated N shape water and air mixed cutting technology, produces rich and exquisite bubbles, to remove the residual baits, feces, colloidal solids, and organic matter efficiently. Reduce loading of biological filter, increase water’s dissolved oxygen, and make sure a safe aquaculture water quality.
  6. The protein skimmer has an Emptying and Blow-down device on the bottom, more clean and sanitary.
  7. Can work as an ozone reaction tower, and has the function of disinfection, sterilization, and algae removal, while increasing the protein separation effect.
  8. This protein skimmer is suitable for industrial aquaculture and various occasions that need protein separation

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