Product Description

the biochemical ball is the use of advanced non-toxic plastic PP artificial processed into bio-filter balls porous structure, multi-sheet structure, mesh structure inside the porous adsorption nitrifying bacteria and settings, highly conducive to oxidation the role of oxygen in the convection exchange, but also for the denitrifying bacteria, breeding provides a huge surface area of biochemical growth.


  1. The sewage treatment plant aerates oxygenation and agitation to prevent sedimentation of large particles and remove some organic matter.
  2. aquarium (aquaculture farm) to the environment of eutrophic water body oxygenation, the biological culture of oxygen.
  3. live fish and seafood transport oxygen.
  4. aquarium (purifier) purification, filtration, water ozone sterilization, and aeration.
  5. Other process uses require diffusion of air.

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