Product Description

The first step in setting up a healthy aquarium is to establish a biological filter. A biological filter is a natural filtering system consisting of helpful bacterial colonies that, through a cycling process, convert pollutants in water to harmless nitrate. Nitrate is nitrogen, therefore this cycling process is also referred to as the nitrogen cycle, or cycling a tank.


★Remove Ammonia/Nitrogen, Nitrite, Nitrate, and Thiocyanogen in aquaculture water.

★Combining the advantages of trickling filter and activated sludge process, highly concentrated biological film with high treatment efficiency. The ammonia nitrogen conversion rate can be improved 2-4 times.

★Have double function as a biological filter and mechanical filter. And at the same time, it has functions of
backwashing, large particles discharge, and emptying.

★Compare with another biological filter, the size is smaller, with less land occupation.

★Special design for recirculating aquaculture system.

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