Product Description

  1. Separation of water and electricity, analyzer combined with a filtering function.
  2. 2. Panasonic PLC, faster data processing, long-term stable operation
  3. 3. High temperature and high-pressure resistant valves imported from Japan, operating normally in harsh environments.
  4. 4. Digestion tube and measuring tube made by Quartz material to ensure high accuracy of water samples.
  5. 5. Set the digestion time freely to meet the customer’s special demands.


● pH glass electrode measurement method, applied to various PH/ORP monitoring and dosing control occasions;
● Support a variety of installation methods, wall mounting, pipe clamp installation, and panel installation;
● Clock and historical data recording function to meet higher data management requirements;
● Record 14,000 historical data and the recording interval can be set between 1 and 999 minutes;
● The protection grade of the enclosure is IP66;
● Two settable SPST multifunctional relays;
● Two high-precision 0/4~20mA current outputs;
● A two-wire RS485 interface, the communication protocol is MODBUS RTU;
● 128*64 large LCD screen, multiple languages available;
● The menu password can be set to facilitate hierarchical management;
● The meter can not only perform temperature compensation on the test sample, but also self-check the operating temperature of the instrument, compensate for the hardware temperature changes caused by temperature drift, and make the test results more accurate;
● Provide AC and DC power supply modes, both of them are the wide-voltage power supplies.

Video of Water Quality Monitor Meter


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