Product Description

  1. Lightweight.
    Unlike other tanks, fiberglass aquaculture tanks are very lightweight. The reinforced fiberglass material makes them less Heavy
    than metallic tanks. They are thus very easy to transport and install. You tend to save a lot of money when it comes to
    installation costs.2. Completely rustproof.
    With the advanced technology used in their creation, don’t expect any rust on fiberglass aquaculture tanks. These tanks are
    created from fiberglass strands and high-quality resin to give them the features needed to be rustproof. They also give it a glossy
    finish that makes it very appealing.
  2. Strong and durable.
    With the right fiberglass fish tank suppliers, everyone should be assured of high-strength and durable aquaculture tanks. They are
    known to last longer without undergoing any significant wear and tear. With these features, the tanks should be able to go for
    years without any repair or maintenance costs.


1. Our fiberglass fish tanks are both lightweight and extremely durable, made from a tough Fiberglass exterior that is 100% waterproof.
2. Non-corrosive & maintenance-free, requiring only soapy water for normal cleaning.
3. Easily withstands harsh elements without fear of cracking, splitting, or warping.
4. Finish provides a long-lasting, protective finish that is resistant to fading, scratching, chipping, and even intense UV light, for a new or weathered look that maintains its fresh character day after day. Serving life for more than 15 years.
5. Size: customized size
6. Shape: customized
7. Technique process: L-RTM

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