Product Description

Automatic rotary drum filter made of case part, drum components, back washing system, motor control case, which made up of nontoxic corrosion-resistant engineering plastics. We use 316L stainless steel 100–400 mesh filter screen imported from Germany to separate suspended solids from water.


★Multiple working modes: Auto, Stop, and Manual. When in Auto working mode, it can automatically turn on and off
the backwashing system. It also can base on the mesh’s blocking situation to set the backwashing time.
★Use high-quality and special woven stainless steel mesh. A small aperture, low resistance, and strong flow capacity.
★Outer shell made of high-quality PP material, strong corrosion resistance, and durable
★Internal dump tank designed in tilted, flushing sewage can flow out easily.
★Transparent cover made of thicker anti-throw material. Can view the running state at any time.


Package and Shipment

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