Product Description

Egg incubator manufactured in acrylic glass, with a hemispherical bottom.
200 mm diameter. 500 mm in height. 12 liters (30,000 eggs)
Pipes in PVC, with valve type “spigot” 25 mm output for connecting hose of extraction of eggs.
Underside protected with rubber gasket
The standard version is supplied with 500 Micron mesh (ask for other measures)


Hatchery and fingerling rearing with complete RAS based on the requirements of the local water
conditions. Water is permanently fed into the system from a local well. The system can be switched to RAS in case the water conditions are not optimal. The system was installed to
produce fish for the local market.
we have developed this system has, bio-filter+ UV, then there will be better to keep not too much
water exchange, then the 3.0PH heater can keep running in 24hours

Video of Product


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